World of Warships

A free-to-play team-based naval tactical shooter with realistic models and tactics

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When World of Tanks came to the market, it was a global phenomenon, and its success inspired a new genre known as the World War 2 vehicle shooters. World of Warships builds on the World of Tanks, but it becomes a wonderful mix of both gigantic guns and enormous warships. It's a beautifully polished game and firing the guns in unquenchable rage brings a special kind of joy to your heart. This is Wargaming at its most thoughtful, but where the problem comes in at is through the "pay-to-win" model.

Collapsing in a Fiery Death to Micro-Payments

World of Warships, unfortunately, suffers like many of the other games in Wargaming's arsenal. You have expensive and exploitative prices. The monetization of World of Warships does not differ too much from World of Warplanes or World of Tanks. You play the game, and you can either pay to earn experience, or you can earn it the hard way. This can be used to unlock bigger boats more quickly, but the micro-payments overtake the game. Unless you plan to pay for everything to get an unfair advantage, those who do pay will leave you in the dust. To give an idea about the payment system, the ships cost a lot, and if you want the highest tier ships, it will devour a great deal of time and money. For example, if you wanted to play as Midway, it could cost as much as $177.

Control Your Ship

You control the ship from overhead, and to be fair, the graphics look pretty good. Wargaming does a fantastic job of making a complex naval battle into something more accessible and keyboard friendly. You have the rudder and throttle controls, which have been designed to be set and forgotten. If you want to win, you have to plan ahead. Flanking, in particular, can be rewarding as you sneak around an island to catch an enemy ship from behind. It gives you a crafty 30 seconds of open gunfire before the victim can spin their ship and start firing. In the World of Warships, you have an art to the angles, and if you like math, you might find a curious pleasure in it.

A More Tactical Approach

In World of Warships, the combat often takes place on a less direct level. It's more tactical, and you have to spend time planning. The game has many similarities to Battleship, and each ship will need to be maneuvered into position. This first-person game lets you navigate gigantic maps and bombard your enemy with bombs. World of Warships uses numerous real world military ships like destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. All the ships have been modeled perfectly after the real thing. This game is full of action and surprises, but it might leave a bad taste in your mouth with the excessive micropayments.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Military ships from the real world
  • More strategic gunfights
  • Fight from the glacier fields of Alaska to the South Pacific


  • Overwhelmingly pay-to-win structure to the game

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